Deliver outstanding customer experience.


We help insurance agencies integrate AI based chatbots in order to convert, delight and retain more customers.




Why your business should use chatbots

Chatbots improve efficiencies across your organization, which directly translates to increased employee productivity and cost savings.


Increase in customer engagement

Increase in customer satisfaction and retention

Increase in acquiring qualified leads

Increase in employee productivity

AI based chatbots can help you

Be where your customers are

The most used applications nowadays are mobile messaging apps. Easily connect with prospects and customers on the platforms they spend their time daily.

Enhance customer support

Offer 24/7 support for your customers at reduced costs. Your bot is interacting with your clients even when your office is closed. There is no limit to the number of conversations your bot can have simultaneously, which means no waiting on hold.

Create personalised conversations with your customers

Conversational bot flows can be personalized for different users or products, giving each person the exact content and experience they are interested in.

Keep your customers happy

Your bot can engage with your customers on a regular basis, checking up on their satisfaction and helping with risk mitigation.

Learn about your customers

Gain valuable insights into your bot user’s conversation. Through these insights you get to receive customer preferences and create highly personalised messages that improves conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Handle claims

Serve your customers by gathering relevant data needed for claims to increase the productivity of your employees.



We Can Help You

Generate more qualified leads

If you have a bot in place, you can more easily connect with prospects and customers online.

A chatbot integrated into Facebook Messenger, can automatically quote, capture and send more qualified leads to your agents.

Deliver exceptional support

Get a chatbot up and running so customers can get instant answers from you 24×7.

A chatbot can automate 80% of your requests. Delegate sensitive conversations to your human agents for the best user experience.

Setup automation and grow your business

We help you set up powerful automation systems that drive growth and maximize engagement throughout the whole sales process.

We implement powerful systems that leverage the power of technology to outmaneuver your competition.


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About Codepills

Codepills is a digital consultancy founded by Sergio Variu that focuses on helping insurance agencies deliver outstanding customer experience online. We specialise in creating the best chatbot solutions that integrate with different social media platforms and that drive growth to insurance agencies. We believe the insurance industry needs to change and adapt to the digital world so it can better serve it’s customers.

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